Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, the capitol of Argentina, the Paris of Latin America.

We got in late December and left shortly after NYE. Extremely hot and humid, got dehydrated a lot. We were really lucky that our hostel we stayed at provided their own private, free tours (tip based). It was a great way to meet people from the hostel and become best of friends. Since Buenos Aires (BA) is HUGE, and we only had about 5 days. we weren’t able to see all the neighbourhoods. The ones we did see were San Telmo (where we stayed), La Boca, Recoleta and Palermo.

La Boca


Bright, small neighbourhood. Also dangerous. Not the area seen here in the photos, but even just 1 street beyond it, or if you’re walking to the football stadium. The area above is close to the ocean and is just full of tourist with high socks and big expensive camera around their necks. Had many cute cafes with people dancing the Tango in the street and local art for sale. We went in a big tour group of about 20 people and felt safe the whole time, but even Lonely Planet will warn you of this neighbourhood. but that being said, i think it was my favourite.

San Telmo


The above photo is from Plaza de Mayo, not too sure if it’s in San Telmo, but it’s within walking distance. Here you can definitely see the European architecture giving the name “Paris of Latin America”.  Great area for walking around, more cafes and pretty sights.



Went to Palermo with the tour group from the hostel, took a really long, hot bus ride to get there too. Came to this gorgeous botanical garden and walked around. This was all we saw of Palermo.



Recoleta we went to on our own taking the subway. subways is super cheap, less than a dollar, and reminds me of any other subway. One of the biggest attractions is the cemetery, and i would recommend going to see it. Impressive sculptures and huge tombs. Very easy to get lost. They have a statue of Jesus in the centre of the cemetery, close to the exit and then all the rows of tombs spiral out from there. The say going, “Find Jesus and he’ll show you the way out”

Afterwards we walked around, hitting some art museums, which were free.


In Argentina, they don’t eat dinner til about 10pm, a lot of restaurant won’t even open til 8pm. And then the clubs don’t open til about 2 or 3am and out all night til 6 in the morning.




It would be really hard to be a vegetarian in Argentina since a lot of their main dishes are meat. But the steak, oh the steak, as you can see from the pictures above, the steak looks amazing and it’s so delicious. You can also find some pretty cheap steak house that are good. This one was a block away from our hostel and we went twice. Huge portions as well.



Just as popular as coffee and tea here. The mate cup is filled with loose leaves of mate and filled with hot water. The metal straw has a filter on the bottom. Tasted like really strong tea, and since I don’t like tea, well guess what? yeah didn’t like it either. But it was interesting. Very common to see people walking with this cup and a thermos of hot water.

New Years Eve in Buenos Aires


Had no plans for NYE, people from our hostel we either going to another hostel for a party or going to an expensive show and dinner. We bought beer and wine from the local corner store for really cheap and met some people at the hostel and drank on the patio with them, closer to midnight, we left the hostel and walked down to the pier. So many people out just drinking on the streets and there was a DJ somewhere. When midnight approached, there were fireworks from every direction and lasted for 20 minutes. Such a great night.

Note: City talk isn’t my forte hopefully it gets better with patagonia


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