Traveling to Argentina and Chile

Traveling to Argentina:

  • US, Canadians and Australians need a reciprocity fee. It lasts the life of your passport and cost 100USD
  • Blue Market. I had no idea about this before i left and am hitting myself over the head for not knowing about it. The economy isn’t stable. The bank exchange rate is 1USD = 8.6ARS which is what you’ll get from ATMS… the blue market rate is 1USD = 12ARS. You can get 13ARS if you bring 50s and 100s.
  • since the economy isn’t stable, the rates you see in your lonely planet book are wrong. oh so wrong. Sometimes wrong by 100%. You won’t know til you get there the price of anything.
  • Hidden fees: they advertise the price of a park entrance but US, Canadians and Australians will have to pay more.
  • you can drink the tap water. yes, i repeat. you can drink the tap water 

Traveling to Chile:

  • Flying into Chile there’s a fee for US, Canadians and Australians. Flying to Buenos Aires was actually cheaper than flying to Santiago. Taking the bus there’s so fee. Every time we crossed the boarder it was by bus.
  • you can also drink the tap water

Other Remarks:

  • ISIC card was useless, no one accepted it
  • Argentina and Chile are probably the most expensive countries in South America.
  • I always felt completely safe in both countries, especially patagonia and the lakes district. The capitols were also very safe but use common sense when in any big city.
  • bring an european adapter (two circular prongs)
  • you will meet a lot of people from Germany and Israel
  • they greet with one kiss, not two like the french.
  • PDA. PDA everywhere.
  • Everything closes down on Sundays like restaurants and stores

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