El Calafate, Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier


Get in. Get out. El Calafate is a tourist trap. The ONLY thing to do there is seeing the Perito Moreno Glacier. There are no hiking trails around the area and the town is very very small. Tons of souvenir shops and restaurants. We spent too long in El Calafate thinking there were others things to do. Nope. Not the case. Getting busses around Patagonia in high season is difficult to do. Since we knew all of our dates it was easy to book busses weeks in advance and thankfully we never got stuck again.

We did the basic Perito Moreno Glacier tour which is the bus ride there and entry to the park. On the way to the national park right before the glacier, they stop at a place where you can take a boat tour to the glacier, we were advised not to do this cause it’s not worth the money. In the town of El Calafate, they advertise the price of the park as one price but once you get to the entrance and state that you are canadian, the price goes up by 100%. Once at the glacier, they have a board walk that only takes an hour to walk it, and thats if you walk slowly. They leave you there for 4 hours. Plenty of time. It’s just a day trip. Stay in El Calafate for 1 night max, and all the hostels there are a bit shabby and wifi is iffy.


The Perito Moreno Glacier was breathtaking and wondrous. No words can accurately describe the greatness and magnitude. There were many benches around the board way and he just sat, watched and listened. The glacier is stable but you could see chunks of it breaking off and falling into the water. It was as loud as thunder. And the colour, oh the colour of blue was magnificent. Nothing like i had ever seen before. Whenever i think of Patagonia, i always picture this glacier.



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