Bariloche, Argentina


Bariloche is the chocolate capitol of South America… says me. The whole little town looks German/Swiss and there are so many chocolate shops on the main strip that are as large as grocery stores. You order the chocolate like you’re at the deli. And the helado, oh the helado. They had 8 different kinds of chocolate alone.

But what’s there to do in Bariloche? It’s a big ski town, but we were there is the summer so they created things for you to do, at our hostel they advertise activities like zip lining, rafting, paragliding etc. The only thing that would probably be worth doing (based on the other areas we’d be going to) is the self guided bike tour through the lakes in the area.

Lakes District


Since we were going to more adventure towns in Chile and we heard that the activities there would be cheaper, we waited to do them there. What we did was take a chair lift to a top of a hill to over look the local lakes. After that we somehow ended up going at a 5-star resort for lunch and they said we could use their facilities so we laid on their dock and called it an afternoon. Bariloche was where I had the best steak of my life. It was a tenderloin cut and cooked to perfection.


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