Santiago, Chile

Santiago, the capitol of Chile and a city with a dark history.


Traveling around, a lot of people were telling us that Santiago wasn’t that great, but i loved it. We stayed in the greatest hostel you’ll ever come across, it was newly renovated and is more of a hotel than anything, it’s called H Rado and can be found on hostel world. We went to a lot of museums and had the best city tour with Free Walking Tour with Franco. He gave us such a great insight on the history of Chile that i never knew about and sparked our interested in the Human Rights Museum.

Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos

I didn’t take any photos of the Human Rights Museum cause you can’t inside, but the museum was so moving and modern, it looked like a NYC museum. Yes it’s all in Spanish, but you can rent a translator device and catch it all. Just amazing.

Cerro Santa Lucia


Gorgeous hill in the centre of the city with amazing views. There’s another hill a bit outside the city that you can take a cable car up but apparently the views aren’t the greatest cause of all the smog, this hill here provides a clearer view and a much better surrounding.

Emporio de la Rosa


Best Helado. I think we, sorry I, went twice a day. They had classic flavours and then some interesting ones such as orange ginger, rose, honey etc. Miss it dearly.


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