Mendoza, Argentina



Mendoza. Wine country.. wine tasting. Known for their Malbec. Many tours you can do here, even adventure sports since the Andes are close. They had bike and wine and bus wine tours. It is extremely hot during the day, i don’t think I could last on a bike tour. You could do the bike tour yourself or go with a group, either way they’ll be the same price.

On the day tour, we were able to wine taste at 3 wineries, olive oil taste, and ‘sweet’ taste. They also provided a lovely lunch.


My favourite wine on the tour was the one posted below. Apparently they export to Canada, but i have yet to find their bottles in any of the LCBOs.


Oh and the best part yet! they had WINE helado! yes, WINE!! They mixed flavours of fruit with different kinds of wine, mainly white and the result was pure bliss.


2 thoughts on “Mendoza, Argentina

    1. We didn’t plan anything until we got there… our hostel had a tours desk so we just went with the tours that they had. But we had friends from other hostels who did the same tour as us, so it must be a popular/common one. We were there in February and were able to book the tour the day before.


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