Valparaiso, Chile

Argentina_Chile_2015-400 copy


When you think of Valparaiso, you should think of street art. We took the tours for tips tour and they actually don’t show you much street art, or any background of the art. The graFREEti walking tour was amazing. They show you all the best and unknown street art and the accurate reasoning behind the art, these guys know the artists themselves and know the truth behind the meaning and technique of each piece of street art. If you’re going do one thing here, it’s gotta be the GraFREEti walking tour. You can find them on Trip Advisor.



After the tour, we all decided to do a graffiti workshop since on the tour we met the street artists of the largest street art in Valparasio, winter solstice which is the top picture in this blog. We got to their art studio on time but the others were running rate so we were able to talk to the artists and see what they were working on. It was amazing just listening to them talk about their work, their life there and even just the community of street artistis, who’s coming to paint next, who has rights to which space. It was amazing just to be emerged in it.

When we all were present, they started helping up make our own graffiti using only 3 letters. after we had some drafts, they took us to the streets and we were off to paint!



Even after our day filled with graffiti, we went walking the next day and found even more impressive graffiti.






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