Argentina and Chile: A Recap

Came back to Canada on a GREAT start


Should have just bought a one way ticket and wait til Ontario got out of its deep freeze. The Toronto Pearson airport was a mess that day, where my flight was continuously delayed due to weather conditions. I was suppose to get in at 8am and didn’t get in till 3pm. I had went from 30 degrees to -40 degrees. Needless to say it was a shock to the system.

Being on the trip, there wasn’t anything about home that i really missed or made me homesick..It wasn’t until i got home that I realized what I had been missing like… the feel of REAL toilet paper, how big a double bed is and the comfort of your own shower. But this goes for everything i’m sure.

I think the best way to sum up the experience I had on my trip is to create a top 3 of different categories from dessert to activities.

*not fully completed, i will add ‘the body’ later


1.   El Chalten, Argentina
Best little hiking town. Since all the trails start within the town, you feel more free to do things when you want. And then the hikes themselves were just gorgeous, the whole time, you could walk 2 steps and swear the vista got better somehow. We really got to know people better who we were running into all the time and met some great people too. And the food, we never had a bad meal, they even had a vegetarian place. And this is where my addiction for helado all started.

2.   Valparaiso, Chile 
I’m not a city person, but i really liked Valparaiso. The street art was amazing and to immerse yourself in the graffiti community that keeps growing. Also to hear about the artists and the story behind the street art was the cherry on top. The ‘cable cars’ also added a nice touch. Such a sleepy, yet bright city.

3.   Pucon, Chile
The atmosphere of Pucon is adventurous, and so are the people. They also had the only beach on our trip that we could swim on, and the water was the perfect cool temperature to beat the heat. And then of course, climbing Villarrica volcano.


1.   H Rado Hostel (Santiago, Chile)
Oh this is not a hostel, this is a hotel. Yes the bedrooms have 6 beds, but the amenities are hotel worthy. The bathroom looks like a hotel and the breakfast in the morning is great. Also had a great rooftop patio and the location is great. Right with all the student bars and clubs.

2.   Backpackers Kaweskar Hostel (Puerto Natales, Chile)
This hostel is like a little home and the owner takes great care of you. We spent a lot of time here since we had horrible weather, and it was a great cozy place to lounge around. I also think they had my favourite bed, huge thick duvet on top.

3.   Compass del Sur (Puerto Varas, Chile)
Beautiful town and a great little hostel. They had great private tours at the front desk and could book you any tour as well. Greta distance from the centre of the town and the amenities were also great. Kind of felt like a cottage.

Honourable mention: America del Sur (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
May not have been my favourite hostel, but we met amazing people there who we kept meeting up on our trip that definitely made our trip what it was. Thanks guys 🙂


1.   Climbing Villarrica (Pucon, Chile)



Highlight of my trip. Everyone psyched us out about climbing it too, saying that not a lot of people would make it to the top, and that is was extremely difficult. None were true. I’ve only recently gotten into hiking and i thought it was moderate. It’s just continuos switch backs and stable terrain of snow. The hike up was breathtaking, the summit is around 2000 m.a.s.l. and you could look right into the crater. Since it’s active, there’s sulfur and chlorine gas getting emitted from it. And then my favourite part.. sliding down the volcano! We had great weather and it was such an amazing experience, i would do it again in a heartbeat!

2.   GraFREEti Tour and Graffiti Workshop (Valparasio, Chile) 



What we thought would be an ordinary tour, turned into something so much more. I feel like i’ve already talked about this a lot so i won’t same anything more.

3.  Perito Moreno Glacier (El Calafate, Argentina)



whenever I think or picture Patagonia, it’s the Perito Moreno Glacier. it was an incredibly surreal moment for me and even thought they left us there for almost 5 hours, I loved every moment of it. The texture was so fine and the colour so blue, it looked like a blue raspberry icee. And just sitting there, listening to it, watching it. It cracked like thunder and when the pieces were on the outside face, it was magical.

Honourable mention: Canyoning (Puerto Varas, Chile)



I don’t like water, even since I went rafting, i have avoided it like the plague. But I haven’t really seen it advertised in Canada and it looked really interesting, so I thought, oh why not, It was an amazing experience… also swallowed a lot of water, involuntarily sooooo not too sure i’d do it again, but i stroke it off the list!


  1. El Boliche ‘de Alberto’ (Bariloche, Argentina)
  2. Don’t know the name (El Chalten, Argentina)
  3. Gran Parrilla (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


  1. Torres del Paine (Puerto Natales, Chile)
  2. Fitz Roy Mountain Range (El Chalten, Argentina)
  3. Pietro Moreno Glacier (El Calafate, Argentina)


  1. Brownie Cake (Mathildas, El Chalten, Argentina)
  2. Sundae (Cassis, Puerto Varas, Chile)
  3. Helado… everywhere.



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