Arrival in Stuttgart

I arrived in Stuttgart on September 1, 2015. I flew Toronto – Frankfurt – Stuttgart with Condor Airlines and was quite impressed with them. It looked like I was on a brand new air plane and they had amazing resolution TV screens that looked like tablets. Only downside was you had to pay for entertainment. I left Toronto on The 31st of August around 8pm and got into Stuttgart around 3pm the next day. I had to check into my room by 4pm so I was definitely cutting it close, but nonetheless I got in time in. The next few days were a blur, with trying to do so much paper work, visiting so many different institutions, attending orientation sessions, trying to get all settled in, opening a bank account etc, etc, etc. I still even have stuff to do and probably will be for the whole month.

But my dorm finally feels like a home instead of a prison cell. They have an IKEA here which isn’t toooo far (but far enough) so I was able to get everything there. It was so therapeutic going into the IKEA, finally something that looked familiar.




as you can see above, I have my own sink and behind that door is like a walk in closet. I have tons of shelving which seem pretty bare right now… Also have a huge desk which looks over a not too bad view. I also have another shelving unit not pictured here. The residence that i’m in is really similar to V1 where it’s like little “villas”. I also have a full kitchen in my building. 12 people share it, but i actually haven’t seen too many people use it, we also have a cafeteria. And then i share a bathroom and shower. I really like the layout of my room and the huge window allows so much natural daylight.

I don’t start classes til October 12th, but I do have intensive German courses til then which started this week. It’s 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Annnnd you can only skip 2 classes without a note or else you’ll be kicked out. I kinda hoped they were a T-W-Th sorta deal. Really wanted to go out and travel for the weekends. I’ll try to squeeze a few weekend getaways if I can.

University of Stuttgart; It really reminds me of Waterloo’s campus and every building looks like RCH or PAC. Slabs of concrete everything, not too visually pleasing. Yet I have only been within one building so far, so I shall update this part later. I’ve only met people in my program from bumping into them. Word of mouth is that we have 60 students in our class (they had 40 last year) and I’ve met maybe 10 people so far within this program. I have an enrollment session next week so I’ll hopefully get to meet more classmates then.

Having a lot of mixed feelings about this place but i’m sure it’ll all work out. More updates to follow 🙂


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