Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany


Didn’t wanna spend too much money this weekend, so i decided a day trip would suffice. I have a lot of day trips planned but this one was up there, and kinda far away. It took almost 3 hours to get here, and 3 different trains may I add, but all of that was worth the breathtaking view and village vibe.

You may or may not recognize this village. It’s on the cover of Lonely Planet’s Germany travel guide, not too sure which edition and the picture directly below is the same scenery as on the cover. It’s the most photographed area in the village, and for no particular reason.

This is definitely a tourist village. Every second person had a DSLR and sooo many tour groups. Being Sunday, i thought everything would be closed like here in Stuttgart, but everything was open; souvenir shops, boutiques, bakeries, cafes and restaurants. There’s not much to do per say, but there’s so much to see. I spent the day walking up and down the small town roads, where all of the buildings were just as pretty and whimsical as the next. It was never ending.



I wasn’t apart of a tour group, but kinda wished i had found one, you could tell there was so much history to the place. You can kind of see the perimeter of a castle wall and at some points you can tell you’re high up on a hill. You definitely don’t need to stay here long, 1 day maximum, i walked the whole thing twice, taking my time, within 2 hours. It’s very small but very charming. I’m sure you could extend that time by sitting outside enjoying the delicious bakeries and cafes.



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