Cannstatter Volksfest, Stuttgart

IMG_0139Cannstatter Volksfest (Beer Festival) is basically Stuttgarts own Oktoberfest. I went on Monday night because the International Student’s Association blocked off a few tables just for the students. It was super easy to get to, the subway takes you right there, it’s only about a block or two to the main gate. And it’s great cause there’s no admission fee! You enter and it’s a huge midway, they have so many rides, games, food stands, and then some little market shops. The place is really huge. Walked around the grounds a bit and then got to the beer tent. Which again, was free admission to! and there was no line, but we did go around 6-7pm on a Monday. The place was really busy, but still some empty tables near the front of the tent.

We walked into the center of the tent where the stage was and where the tables were blocked off. Packed with people, and most people were standing on the tables. We found a table with some seats available and met some locals!


They had a student deal going on for 2 for 1 beer. Each beer is 10 Euros but they are huge, i wanna say maybe a Litre, or 1.5 Litres of
beer. Every now and then someone would come on stage and sing classic Oktoberfest songs and EVERYONE would stand/dance on the tables. Going to Waterloo’s Oktoberfest, i did recognize some of the songs, more like some of the chants, like “Ziggy Zaggy, Ziggy Zaggy, Oi Oi Oi!” and “Ein Prosit” which was great to join in on them and felt a little like home. The atmosphere of the tents are great and it was refreshing to interact with locations instead of more international students. However, you’re allowed to smoke within the tent, so there’s a bit of haze to the place, but no one within my vicinity was smoking so it didn’t bother me too much.

EVERYONE was dressed up, but then the odd person isn’t so you don’t stick out. But it’s a must for next year, however they are expensive so i’ll probably wait til this festival is over and catch them when they’re on sale.

Overall, it was lively and entertaining and i had such a great time! I cannot wait to go to Munich next year and experience the real deal!




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