Heidelberg, Germany

Left early in the morning for Heidelberg by train which only took an hour and no transfers. The train station is really small and too not helpful when trying to get into the Old Town. There was a tourist information building outside, and it was really busy and over hearing it seemed like everyone was just asking how to get to the Old Town. I didn’t bother standing inline, i went out to the main bus stop, looked at a map and decided which bus number would get me there. Also, the busses don’t bring you right into the Old Town, again with all the narrow streets and tight corners. So it was only about a 10 min walk from where the bus dropped us off to the main square.


Once again, I had great weather, it was sunny and quite chilly in the morning but quickly got warm. The main plaza has a chruch and little shops circling the perimeter like any other main square. It was quite small compared to the other places I had been to, where the picture above was really the only focal point of the plaza.


Walking across the bridge and you could see Heidelberg Castle! Along with the church of the old town square/plaza. On this side of the bridge, they have a windy uphill path towards Philosophers Way which is another cute little street to walk along and give more views of the town. Since it’s quite a distance away from the main sights, i felt pretty limited with my wide angle lens and with the position of the sun.


And then i finally made it to Heidelberg Castle! Which is on a hill… again. You can walking around the castle for free, but if you wanna walking into the courtyard within the castle walls, there’s a small admission fee. And i believe you can actually go into the interior of the castle by tour. The courtyard wasn’t really anything special and quite small actually, but it also allows you to view the front of the castle as seen above from this balcony. And the views from the castle was really pretty, but you can also get views like this from just walking around the castle.


Overall I would say going to Heidelberg was just okay. Nothing was bad, yet nothing was great. It’s definitely just a day trip as there’s not much to do. The sights were okay, the castle was okay, much of it was in ruins and actually not too much to see. There just wasn’t anything special about this town. Would I come back? Probably not. But it was good to see/experience.


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