Ulm, Germany

First WAREM Excursion! Since we have Fridays “off”, thats when our program decides to have excursions for us.

We left Friday early morning and spent the morning in Landeswasserversorgung, a drinking water treatment plant. It was very well run and organized and they even provided a huge breakfast for us. I love having pretzels for breakfast. I won’t go too much into detail, but one of the really fascinating things about Landeswasserversorgung, it’s source of water is from a karst spring. We even got to see the source ourselves!


We weren’t too far from Ulm, so that was our next stop where we had a tour of the town. Ulm is a pretty small town, but it has its charm and was very quaint. It’s also home to the highest church tower in the world. A total of 162m in height. Wanna make it to the top? well there’s only stairs and they actually charge you for going up! The climb to the top is ~20 minutes, but there are about 3 different platforms to view from. Also, Einstein was born here, but only lived here for about a year after his birth.


It seemed in Ulm there were a lot of crooked buildings. And still functional! The building below is a hotel, but don’t worry, the bed itself it perfectly level, the bed posts change their height and there’s a level on the headboard. The biggest difference in one room is about 40cm!


The old town is by far the prettiest, dating back to the middle ages. Ulm was also an imperial city and later a city of traders and craftsmen.




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