Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg: The Capitol of Christmas – and i totally believe that. The town, yet small, looked like it was on steroids. Christmas, Christmas everywhere. We went on the very first day; November 27th.

Strasbourg_ChristmasMarket_Nov2015-1  Strasbourg_ChristmasMarket_Nov2015-3

They had one building covered in large teddy bears, I stood under it for a while, hoping that one would fall off and make my day… but they’re pretty on there. No such luck, but it was such a whimsical display.

Every street was just decked out in decorations, you could see so many lights hanging from one building to the other, they even had chandeliers! in the streets! Yup, I am definitely in France now.


And it wasn’t just one Christmas market. They had about 10 markets all throughout the city. It was such a pretty little town. Even besides the Christmas decorations, the town itself had amazing middle ages architecture.

There’s a very tourist neighborhood called “Le Petite France” that is very idyllic. And wasn’t touched too much by all the Christmas markets.



Walking through Strasbourg, is it oh so easy to get confused, the streets are so narrow and windy. Sometimes we walked around it loops it felt like, but one of the buildings you could see for sticking up was the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg. A huge church in the center of it all.


I was so excited to see the christmas market at night, with all the lights that we saw hung up during the day, i couldn’t even imagine it at night time. But since it was the first day, and because of the bus schedule, we missed it all. Our bus left at 18:40 and they turned on the lights at 19:15. They had an opening ceremony to light the large Christmas tree and then the rest of the lights, but we totally missed it. Needless to say i’ll be going back next year too, and not on the first day. So here’s how i saw it at night.




As you can see, it would have been soooo pretty at night! Such a shame that we missed it. But we were able to find a small market with lights on and enjoyed some hot red wine.



Travel Talk

Getting to Strasbourg from Stuttgart was pretty easy. Found out that if you take the bus from the Stuttgart airport to Strasbourg (there’s only 1 station) you can go direct, and very cheap. It was 20€ round trip! And only took 2.5 hours each way. They actually had really good times to go too which made doing a day trip so easy (bus to go there left at 9am and bus to come back left at 18:40) And honestly, 1 day in Strasbourg is enough to see everything. The town is very small and walkable. The train however was 80€ round trip and got you there in 1.5 hours. The bus option was sooo much better.

In light of recent events, the boarder between Germany and France was heavily monitored. They checked passports. Even in Strasbourg, there were many police men and many military people walking the streets and monitoring the large gatherings.



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