Esslingen am Neckar Christmas Market, Germany


View of Esslingen from the top of Esslinger Burg

I was told by many people to check out the Esslingen Christmas Market. Esslingen is a city in the Stuttgart region and easily accessible with the public transport system. I first went on a Saturday evening and it was way way too busy. It was so cramped with people you couldn’t see or enjoy anything. Everyone was just pressed up against you, in all directions and moving at a glacial pace. It was frustrating. Went back on a Thursday evening, and SO much better! There was so much space to walk around and view each vender, had a way better time. And you could also tell that on Thursday it was just the locals and not a bunch of tourists. They had all the classic Christmas market staples; hot wine, ordainments, sweets etc.

One thing that is quite different about this Christmas market is that they also have a medieval market, and they go all out. Don’t have any pictures of that since the concept of a medieval market, festival, whatever, just doesn’t sit right with me. But it would look like your stereotypical medieval festival you hear about.





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