Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Round 2! I’ve been here before but in September. This Christmas, WAREM organized a day trip to a Christmas Market and they picked Rothenburg. Took a group bus this time which was so much easier than taking 3 trains to get there. The weather was a lot better in September, but it was still a beautiful town with all the Christmas decorations and the market.




Rothenburger Schneeballen (Snowball Cake)

They had these special Christmas pastries that are special to the town: Schneeballen (snowball cake) which is made of a shortcrust pastry rolled into balls and dipped in various kinds of chocolate. The pastry itself tasted like a honey cruller from Tim Hortons in Canada. My fave was the light chocolate one because of the hazenut flavor. And once again I had to have some Glühwein (hot wine).


We only stayed at Rothenburg for about 2 hours, and this time it felt kinda short. Afterwords we went to go visit Weikersheim Castle, which honestly looks more like a Palace. It’s not on any hill and is completely mixed in with the town, almost hidden. We took a tour within it and once again, no pictures were allowed. I think it would be really pretty in the summer time since the ground are pretty big.


WAREM 2015 Class (some but not all) in front of Weikersheim Castle




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