Stuttgart Christmas Market, Germany

Um, wow, what! I had no idea that such a beautiful christmas market was only moments away from me. Everyone kept telling me about how Esslingen was so beautiful and never mentioned the city center of Stuttgart. So in my mind I thought that Esslingen must be the better one. but NOPE, I am so impressed with Stuttgart’s market. Forget Esslingen, Stuttgart is so much better.



Something that i was really impressed with is the way they decorated each stall. It had such elaborate figures on top of them, and some of them even moved! I couldn’t believe the amount of effort that went into this christmas market. They even had an ice skating rink too.



The market also covered a lot of area, and each section had their own big christmas tree, it was amazing. I remember searching for the best christmas markets in Germany and they mentioned Stuttgart, i just couldn’t really believe it until i saw it. I would highly recommend this christmas market to anyone. It’s even up there with Strasbourg.



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