Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt: hookers and cocaine. just kidding… hookers and heroin. We’ll get to this later..

Only really went to Frankfurt to meet my boyfriend at the airport, didn’t really think it has much to offer, but i was surprisingly wrong. After doing a free walking tour with ‘Frankfurt Free Alternative Walking Tour‘ we learnt and saw a lot.

  • It’s the financial capitol of Germany, and probably even Europe. It was the first time in a long time that I saw a sky scrapper.
  • Frankfurt is also the most expensive place to live in Germany as well, and i also found the public transportation prices expensive.
  • Prostitution is completely legal, and they have the 2nd largest Red Light District in Europe.
  • They also have a huge heroin problem and homelessness problem.

They also had a lovely Christmas Market which the tour ended us in. Can’t say Frankfurt was really anything special, but it was definitely interesting to hear about and to see the contrast between the financial world and the red light district.



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