Prague, Czech Republic

I was actually very surprised with Prague. Coming from Berlin, it was nice to be in a smaller town. However the streets of Prague were confusing to navigate though, but they were absolutely beautiful so we didn’t mind at all. By this point, i was really sick and tired of Christmas Markets, since Christmas was over and all, but Prague still had theirs up and running, I found it kinda hindered the overall appeal and feel to the main square.


Prague Old Town Square

We were there from the 27-30 of December so we had only 2 full days in Prague and i believe it was enough time to see everything. Of course we started the first day off with a free walking tour which really helped up to navigate the confusing streets. I felt like if we had a list of things to see, and a map, we would still have gotten lost. There’s no logic to the layout.


The buildings surrounding the Old Town Square are so beautiful, actually everywhere we walked we were blown away by the beauty and detail of the buildings.


Prague Astronomical Clock

One of the things which i thought was highly over rated is when “the clock strikes 12” on the Astronomical Clock and the show that starts. it’s short and nothing fancy, some pieces move, and i mean slight movements. I was much more impressed with the show at Munich. But the clock itself is really impressive and there was always, always a huge crowd in front of it.

One of the things on our list to try was the Trdelník, so good! it was like a thin crispy doughnut which was really hard to eat but was amazing with Nutella on the inside. On our last night in Prague, we found a place that made Trdelník cones and served ice cream inside them, so delicious! They even had pizza ones and a pie like Trdelník too, good thing we found that on our last night or else we would have lived inside there!


Charles Bridge

We walked across the Charles Bridge a lot and yet again, it was overly crowded. It was very pretty to say the least, with all the statues that covered the bridge and the views of the Prague Castle in the distance.


Prague Castle from the Charles Bridge

When we took our free walking tour, they mentioned that they had a Prague Castle tour as well, which started at 14:30 and then we noticed that a lot of the tour companies started their tour around this time too. Since we were a little annoyed with the large tourist crowds, we decided to go early within the morning to beat the rush. I think we might have left our hotel at 9, getting us to the Castle at 9:30. When we were walking up, we were the only ones walking up, it was great. When we got up there, there wasn’t really any grand entrance or anything, hardly even noticed we had entered the castle. It wasn’t until we got to the church inside that i understood what the big fuss was all about.


St. Vitus Cathedral inside Prague Castle

St. Vitus Cathedral. WOW, just wow. It’s magnificent to say the least, i swear we stood there for 15 minutes just taking pictures of it, making sure that each new shot was able to captivate it’s stunning magnitude. And if you think the outside is impressive, you should see the inside.

The Prague Castle itself has a lot of buildings and therefore exhibitions, maybe around 8 of them. They had different bundles of tickets for you to buy or you can buy the places individually. The inside of St. Vitus Cathedral is really the only one worth while. Everything was gold or silver, the picture to the right above is somebody’s tomb, completely made of silver! It was overly impressive.

Prague really surprised me with its beauty, really reminded me of Krakow, with the size and the gorgeous buildings. But the only downside was that it was overly packed with tourists and felt like a tourist town.


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