Vienna, Austria

Vienna for New Years! The city was covered in lights, and well prepared for NYE, they had a “New Years Boulevard” through out the city which linked any of the stages they had set up for NYE. We got into Vienna on the 30th and left on the 2nd, once again 2 full days in Vienna but it only really felt like one day because New Years Day was spent entirely in bed.

Vienna was cold. Winter had finally caught up with us, we had had warm weather all throughout our trip but it certainly stopped when we got to Vienna.

Usually we start with a free walking tour, but in Austria, cause of some law, they can’t have free walking tours. We were on our own, which is fine, we had a map and trip advisor. Besides, Vienna isn’t too big.


Schonbrunn Palace


Schonbrunn Palace (Summer Palace)

We went to the Schonbrunn Palace early morning on New Years Eve, read some reviews that all the big tour groups go in the afternoon, and it certainly was less crowded. Didn’t take a tour of the inside cause we heard some mixed reviews, and this one didn’t look too particularly interesting. But the grounds were spectacular – how is the grass green in January?! That was one thing that always shocked me. We only walked the main path shown above and to the separate building up top, but the gardens were so much larger than what we say. It was cold okay, give us a break.


Vienna Rathaus

Maybe it’s all the classical music and the people it brings, but Vienna felt very posh. Even the buildings were very posh, we were so impressed with how grand everything was, every building looked like a palace! With the help of Big Boy Travel, we tried to do our own little walking tour. The city felt a big more warm so we were able to keep on going, we also followed the NYE Boulevard to get a feel for it since the streets of Vienna were also a bit confusing but then we got the hang of it.

Something that was really annoying was that very few to no restaurants accepted credit cards.


NYE Boulevard

Our plan for NYE was to head out on the town, walk the NYE Boulevard and end up at the Rathaus for the fireworks at midnight. It was busy, of course, and everyone seems to be going in the same direction, a lot of security too. However when we got to the Rathaus, we could easily move through the crowd and got ourselves a nice spot.


Fireworks on NYE at Vienna’s Rathaus

Truth be told, i was a little disappointed with the firework display. The fire work is the photo above was a rare one, the majority of the fireworks they set off were small and hardly covered the skyline, also behind a bunch of trees. And they didn’t set off that many, the show didn’t last long.

I don’t know why, but i felt like i missed a part of Vienna. Maybe it was the day we spent in bed instead of out on the town, or maybe it was the lack of a free walking tour to introduce you to a place. But i guess i’ll be back.


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