Budapest, Hungary

Budapest might have just been my favourite place out of all of them. I can’t really put my finger on what I loved most or what stood out for me, maybe it was just the feel to the city as a whole or that we had a winter wonderland one day. Budapest is amazing. We were there from the 2nd til the 6th of January, giving us 3 full days which I thought was enjoy time to enjoy Budapest at a relaxing pace.



Budapest was also the coldest place on our trip. Actually got down to -16 on us one day while we were doing our free walking tour. We were outside for more than 5 hours that day and everything hurt, my feet were burning with the cold which made walking painful.  It was so easy to walk to everything and our hostel was in the perfect location too. It’s not recommended to take a taxi, but public transportation is so cheap and of course everything is walkable. The streets are very easy to navigate through.


Matthias Church

The free walking tour was great as it brought us to all of the sights of the city from the Buda to the Pest side, ending on top of Castle Hill with Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion. I was actually surprised with Castle Hill, I thought everything would be like museums and just tourist attractions, but it actually had residential buildings, it was a neighbourhood. Once the walking tour was done, we quickly got out of there, our toes were freezing!


Chain Bridge

We went walking the next day, since it was much milder and it actually snowed the whole day which turned Budapest into a Winter Wonderland, it was so pretty walking the streets with big fat snow flakes falling. We walked down over the Parliament and then walked over to the Chain Bridge along the river. The Parliament looks awfully a lot like Westminister Abbey eh? Well thats because it’s exactly the same, except the one in Budapest is exactly 2m longer. The Shoes on the Danube is a memorial to the murdered victims of WWII.

On our last day for brunch, we went to the highly rated New York Cafe: “the most beautiful cafe in the world” The inside was stunning, the attention to detail and all the gold fixtures were astonishing. I’d never seen a Cafe like that before. The food wasn’t too pricy and was actually good but the dessert was overly sweet.


Szechenyi Bath

You can’t go to Budapest and not go to a thermal bath, which were brought over from the Turkish. We went to the very popular Szechenyi Bath, which is the first one in Budapest. You can actually rent little change rooms (cabins) and leave your stuff in there. They also had indoor pools and wasn’t overly busy. But of course it being winter, it was fun to go outside in the thermal baths surrounded in snow. This bath was also just around the corner from Heroes Square. 


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