Salzburg, Austria

The hiiiiiiiiiiills are aliiiiiiive with the sound of music.

Yes. The whole soundtrack of that movie was stuck in my head the whole time we were there. The hostel we stayed at even played the movie every night. And they have many tours that will bring you to all the scenes from the film. Salzburg is a cute, small town surrounded by the snow capped mountains. We stayed from Jan 6th til the 9th, where on the 8th was a day trip to Hallstatt. So we had about 1 full day here, would have maybe have liked 2, because of the winter hours, we get cut off around 4pm.


Mirabell Palace and Garden 

Mirabell Palace and Gardens is such an iconic spot, I was also shocked that in January, the grass was green and they even had flowers growing. so odd. It’s all the spot where in The Sound of Music, Maria and the kids sang ‘Do Re Mi’ and that song was stuck in my head the whole time we were there, and even a fews days after we got home. The place is gorgeous but some of it was closed off, i guess for the winter season, but you could still easily see everything.


View of Salzburg from the Modern Art Museum

There’s a large hill that the Salzburg Fortress is situated on and there’s actually some trails up there to walk around, some museums and many lookout points. We stumbled on one that looked in the opposite direction of Salzburg and we saw the house from The Sound of Music. It was definitely good to be back within the mountains, and the trail on the top were so quiet and peaceful, we also had quite a warm day.


View of Salzburg from Kapuzinerkloster

This was probably my favourite view of the city. Salzburg Fortress, Mountains and all the Old Town in sight. This perfectly resembles Salzburg.


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