German Alpine Road

Road trip!! Rented a car for the day so we could go see Neuschwanstein Castle and just drive along the German Alps.

We definitely got stuck in traffic. From Stuttgart to the castle (and from where we were starting the Alpine Road) it should have take 2.5 hours, but for us it took about 4 hours. A combination of construction, and natural traffic due to ski season (we went on a Saturday).

When we finally got to the Castle, parking was easy, and the bridge was still closed that gives an amazing view of the castle. I was there in October and they said it would be open in November but now they’re saying May. I was disappointed with that, but none the less, it was very pretty with the snow capped mountains.


The castle actually took longer to see than i cared for, but we didn’t rush or walk slowly. It was about 3pm by the time we go into the car and then sun was going to set at 5pm. We still wanted to go to Garmisch-Partenkirchen which took another hour to get to, since we were so close, we decided to go anyway.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen was really beautiful driving in, see all the ski slopes and snow covered mountains, but once in the town, it wasn’t anything special, i was hoping for some Banff charm but there was nothing, and you couldn’t see the mountains anymore when driving the streets.


Base of Zugspitze

Not really knowing what to do, we looked on TripAdvisor and saw that the Zugspitze was #1. It’s like a ski hill and they have a gondola that goes to the top. We were really pushing it on time and sunlight, but we went anyway. We got there right at 5 and decided not to go up because by the time we would get up there, it would be dark.

However, we took the best scenic route of the day, through Austria. We ended up driving around (and against traffic may I add) to the back of the Zugspitze and ended up seeing more impressive views than on the German side.


Near Ehrwalder Alm

Also driving along this route, we saw an amazing suspension bridge driving along the 179 and the bridge was connected to a castle, we were so amazed, but we were out of time so we couldn’t stop by. Really wish we would have. The name of this bridge after googling it is called Highline 179, would love to go back. Overall, we were more impressed with the Austrian side than the German side.


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