Baden-Baden, Germany

Another day trip from Stuttgart into the Black Forrest and more specifically, Baden-Baden. A small, relaxing, and very green little town.


Lichtentaler Alle

One of the little parks they had were Lichtentaler Allee, which actually had green grass, and yes even flowers! It was such a weird sight to flowers in February. Just walking through the tower, it was so relaxing, and hardly had any cars on the road. It was such a quiet little town.

One of the things Baden-Baden is known for and we didn’t know about this, is spas and thermal baths. Didn’t bring a swim suit so that was a no go.

There’s really NOT much to do here, i think we walked the whole thing with an hour or less. But i think they have some hiking trails around this area as well. But it was so beautiful to visit, and just felt so relaxing walking around. Beautiful.



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