Keukenhof, The Netherlands

Tulips are my favourite flower. There are certain things one thinks of when they hear ‘Europe’, like Buckingham Palace in London or the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but for me, since forever, it was Tulip Fields in Holland.


Keukenhof (which means ‘Kitchen Garden’) is absolutely breath taking and vast. I could have never imagined seeing the amount of flowers in one place like i did here, and all so perfectly in bloom! I was highly impressed with the gardens, and saw a lot more than tulips.



It was my first trip with pm2am; an organization that has weekend or daily trip around Europe starting in Germany. I left for Keukenhof around 10pm on a Friday night and got back into Stuttgart around 5am on Sunday morning.




They left us at Keukenhof for almost 10 hours, we got there at 9am and left at 7pm. Being there at 9am, the garden were nice and empty compared to the crowds that showed up around noon, it was a complete zoo! As crowded as Disney. But it only took me 2 hours to walk the whole thing at a leisurely pace, going crazy taking photos of all the flowers. And it was surprisingly cold that day and rained on us a bit in the morning.


It wasn’t until we were leaving that i noticed in the parking lot there were public transportation busses that could get you into Amsterdam or when we were driving away that I saw you could rent bikes and bike through the massive tulip fields. Keukenhof is on the edge of all the tulip fields and when we drove away, i actually got to see just how massive the fields actually are, and so colourful! I will probably be back next year, and next year i will surely bike around!



When i was there, all the souvenirs kept saying “Holland” and never “Netherlands”. Why? Is Holland another name for Netherlands? mmm not quite. The Netherlands has 12 provinces, and two of them are called North and South, which are Holland. Annnnd Holland has Amsterdam and Keukenhof in them, all the tourism is in Holland, so a lot of times you just see Holland. Also apparently, Holland seems more friendly and is more internationally known.


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