Partnachklimm, Germany

Had a little 3 day excursion with my program WAREM from May 01-03. We traveled to Munich, Garmisch Partenkirchen (Partnachklimm), Innsbruck and the hydropower plants within Tyrol.

Ned_Warem_Excursion_05_2016 (194)

I have been to Munich before so i’m not about to write about that since we were only there for less than 2 hours too. As soon as we go to Garmisch Partenkirchen, it rained on us and never stopped. this also meant that all the mountains that surround the area were hidden the whole time due to the rain.


Partnachklimm is the canyon within the town Garmisch Partenkirchen. It’s a nice little hike and since it’s in a canyon, we didn’t get too wet per say since it was a lot of walking through tunnels along the side of the canyon. It was gorgeous walking through it, with some little waterfalls here and there. Reminded me a lot of Johnson Canyon near Banff National Park in Canada, the one is Canada is longer however where this one was just a short little walk. With the option of coming back over the mountain/hill, which we did in the rain and mud.

Driving through Tyrol (state of Austria) left much to be imagined. it’s in the middle of the Alps and yet we saw nothing. Even in Innsbruck, nothing. But from the small glimpses we did get, it was just a beautiful setting, with little villages nestled between the mountain peaks.



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