Lyon, France

Since I was very unimpressed with Marseille, I had zero expectations for Lyon. Which I think was good. Lyon didn’t look like Italy anymore, it started to look more like France, like Paris, with charming, elegant buildings which i really liked, but still, it was dirty.



View from Notre Dame

Once again, there was a Notre Dame Cathedral up on a hill which took a vehicular to go up. The cathedral wasn’t as nice as the one in Marseille and I didn’t bother to go inside. There was also like a fake Eiffel Tower on the top too which i found amusing ( in the first picture, it’s just to the right of the cathedral in the distance).

We got into Lyon pretty late in the day, around 3 which turned into 4 after having a very late lunch, but we honestly didn’t need much time here, we had too much time here, so to kill time, I headed to one of the big malls since Fashion is all the rave in France. But since the mall is kinda out of the way, by the time i got there it was closing soon, but so many of the stores were so appealing. I was only able to see 1 hall way of 1 floor which was a fraction of the size of the place, so it was only window shopping.


I definitely liked the night time feel of Lyon than in the day time. The old town of Lyon was striking and very romantic. There were restaurants everywhere and little creperie stands and ice cream stores sprinkled about. The restaurants were so romantic, where the next more unique than the last.  The streets were more lively and restaurant doors were wide open, there seemed to be more of a culture here. More locals than tourists.

Read my post on ‘Traveling with pm2am to France’ to see how traveling with the student tour company was. 

Travel Tips

  • Do go see Notre Dame Cathedral up on the hill, there are actually many activities up there
  • Depending on what you wanna see, the metro day pass is very cheap, if you’re taking more than 3 trips, i’d advise to buy it
  • Don’t spend a lot of time here, seeing everything in a full day will be easy to accomplish with enough time for eating at the fabulous restaurants
  • Vieux Lyon is the prettiest District, you really don’t need to travel outside of this


3 thoughts on “Lyon, France

  1. These pictures are beautiful! I’m glad that you enjoyed Lyon since Marseille wasn’t what you were expecting. thanks for sharing 🙂


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