Marseille, France

Marseille was my least favourite town of my trip, or maybe thats because i didn’t get to fully explore it. the two biggest attractions in Marseille are their National Parks which were too far away to explore. I stayed within the city.

We stayed 2 nights in Marseille in a B&B a little outside of the city but close to a metro station. Which meant our day in Marseille was completely ours. We could wake up when we wanted to and go to bed when we wanted to. I was highly impressed with the place they put us up in. There were 2 and 3 people bedrooms and the breakfast in the morning was fantastic. They had BACON!! yes, bacon! and eggs, yogurt, crassants, nutella, etc etc. fantastic breakfast.


Getting around Marseille was actually very easy, where a 24hr metro pass was only 5 euros. Which came handy since the Notre Dame Cathedral was on one hell of a hill. Marseille was kind of like a mixture of Monte Carlo and Nice, but not the good parts. It was dirty and looked like Italy just like Nice and had a Harbour just like Monte Carlo. These features didn’t really stand out. at all. Maybe we didn’t walk through the right areas, but it was also hard to find some restaurants or small places to eat.

A souvenir/gift that was a specialty of the area and i had no idea about was soap. yeah, soap. But it made sense since they advertise so many lavender fields that they would make soap from it too. And there were quite a few luxurious stores that sold more than lavender soap, they also had hand creams and shaving kits etc. and the best part, you could test just about all of it. Hello free expensive lavender hand moisturizer; it was actually the best hand moisturizer i’ve ever felt, and left no sticky, greasy feel afterwards and was super soft and moisturizing. It was tempting.


View from Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral was actually pretty impressive and situated on a huge hill, however you could catch a bus from the Harbour to the very top. The inside was beautiful and covered in gold and it’s main focus was a tribute to sailors. It also gave wondrous views of the city.


Old Town

After seeing Notre Dame was walking a bit through the Old Town, there was really nothing else to do or worth seeing. I wouldn’t revisit.

Read my post on ‘Traveling with pm2am to France’ to see how traveling with the student tour company was. 


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