Monte Carlo, Monaco


Monte Carlo was my favourite of my trip and it was so clean! We drove in the morning along the coat of Italy towards Monte Carlo, it was a perfect cloudless, sunny day. Driving through tunnels along the cliff side with little villages and sea surrounding us. It was perfect. And then driving down the cliffs til we were at sea level.

Monte Carlo on the map looks small but took more time than i expected to walk around. There’s a large hill on the coast and on top of it you have all your touristy things like museums and some churches. But it also gives great views on the Harbour. At the time i was there, they were setting up for the Grand Prix so the streets and sidewalks were hard to navigate through since there was a surplus of new infrastructure.


Across from the Harbour is the Monte Carlo Casino, which had all your high luxury cars parked outside of it; Ferrari and Lamborghini. But once again the square was overrun with infrastructure for the Grand Prix, which i found took away from the appeal of the Square. Since i was once again traveling with pm2am student trips, they only gave us 2 hours in Monte Carlo, so by the time i got to the Monte Carlo Square, we had to leave right away. Not giving me time to explore the square or the neighborhood surrounding it. Also didn’t get to climb to the top of Monte Carlo and peer down into the town or explore the Japanese Gardens. But i loved the small little town, it was so beautiful.

Read my post on ‘Traveling with pm2am to France’ to see how traveling with the student tour company was. 


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