Traveling with pm2am to France


I left with pm2am on Wednesday night. They said they would pick us up around 10:30pm, but it was an hour late. We were the last place to get picked up so i kind of understood the situation. Our trip was Day 1: Monte Carlo and Nice, Day 2: Marseille and Day 3: Lyon.

The reason why these trips are so cheap is cause they eliminate staying overnight in hotels by driving through the night, so that meant sleeping overnight on the bus and waking up in Monte Carlo.


Amount of kilometers (km) walked each day of the trip

These trips are extremely exhausting and the first day is always the roughest. Yes i slept on the bus the whole time, but not a deep enough sleep to feel relaxed the next day. I’ve been on many busses before, here and Canada, and here with pm2am, they are so uncomfortable! I think they try to bring as many people as possible, so the bus has got to be smaller, instantly sitting down I hit my knees against the seat in front and me (i’m not tall! only 5’7), and then the seat in front gets reclined for the night, it’s even worse. My knees always hurt on those busses.

We were suppose to get into Monte Carlo at 8:30am but didn’t get in closer to 11am, i think our bus drivers got lost along the way – this actually happened a lot. And the two hours in Monte Carlo was not enough.

Next we drove to Nice which was only about an hour/hour and a half away. We had a lot of time in Nice, they could have split it up more evenly and had more time in Monte Carlo. We left Nice pretty late, around 10pm or maybe it was 10:30pm because we didn’t get to our hotel in Marseille til about 1am. That was a damn long day and so exhausting. But fortunately, we had a free day in Marseille which meant we could wake up when we wanted to and go to bed when we wanted to. I woke up at a decent hour, enough to catch the amazing breakfast from the B&B but i went to bed early, knowing the next day was going to be another long one. I was very impressed with the B&B the company booked, there were only 2 or 3 people per room. The location wasn’t central but it was very close to a metro station. For organizing the rooms, the ‘tour leader’ went around with a sheet and you got to pick who you wanted to stay with and which size room you wanted.

On day 3, we left Marseille around 10am and got into Lyon around 2:30pm. We were suppose to get in around 1pm but of course the bus was a bit late so then they extended the time we left. We were suppose to leave at 10pm for Germany but didn’t leave til shortly after midnight. Everyone was a little upset about this. 8 hours in Lyon was too much and everyone was tired. It was also another night sleeping on the bus. Arrived in Stuttgart around 7:45am on Sunday morning.

On this trip i found them very lenient with the time for meeting. Like, we were suppose to leave Nice at 9:30pm but it was almost 10:30 by the time we actually left. Nothing was on time and they didn’t seem to strict about the time either. But my trip to the Netherlands, they were exactly on time.

Overall: I was very happy i saw these parts of France with this tour group, i didn’t need a lot of time in these towns and the company gave more than enough time except for Monte Carlo. The hotel was great. These trips are extremely exhausting and you almost have to be mentally prepared for it. The trips are virtually stress free, they bring you to where you wanna go, where as if i booked this myself, i would have had many transfers and long layovers, so them going direct was fantastic. Yes i would travel with them again, but maybe just a long enough break between the two to regain my energy.


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