Niagara Falls, Canada

I’m Canadian and am damn proud of it too, so why not write about Canada? I’ve gained a lot of international friends so why not share an important piece of my home. Yes, i am totally gonna be bias and tell you it’s the most amazing place on Earth; that’s why I’ve asked my boyfriend, Santiago, an Argentinian visiting Canada for the first time to help me out.

Niagara Falls is very touristy. The area surrounding the area is of course a tourist trap. Clifton Hill is really cool since it has a lot of candy stores, restaurants, wax museums, haunted houses and a moving theatre.


Canadian Falls


American Falls


Canadian Falls

We stayed on the Canadian side, and in my opinion, the best side as it gives a nice view of both the falls. There are two falls which are the American Falls and the Canadian Falls but also nicknamed Horseshoe Falls. There’s also a nice walking path following the falls and brings you right next to the Canadian Falls. There were also a ton of people right where the water goes over the Canadian Falls and could hardly see them, we got lucky or a second or two.

Santiago’s Comment:

The Canadian Falls are really nice, both falls are really stunning, I liked more the Canadian one, the horseshoe shape definitely gave it a more impressive look to the fall, and being able to walk till right beside the edge of the fall was really amazing, it´s impressive to see the huge flow the falls have. In the Canadian side you can walk right beside the Falls in a sort of sidewalk, it took some time to get used to the big crowd of people coming and going but once you go through that and focus on the view it´s actually a beautiful walk. We totally enjoyed our time around them.

We also explored Clifton Hill going into the moving theatre and the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum. I’ve been coming to Niagara Falls every year since I can remember and Clifton Hill was definitely better back when i was younger, i guess more easily impressed. But there’s one thing i’ve never done there and that’s any tourism associated with the falls. Such as the Maid of the Mist or even going done to the falls and being able to walk behind them, and of course with the long weekend, it was extremely busy and we just didn’t bother with it.

Santiago’s Comment:

Clifton Hill is a really nice area on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. It can be a little overwhelming; the amount of shops per street there all with a lot of lights and sounds. It can be a little overstimulating. But once we walked around it a couple of times I ended up liking it. It has a lot of options for eating and shopping or just hanging around. My favourite part of the visit there was buying some soft ice cream and just laying in the park enjoying the perfect sunny day.

But one thing I always enjoy doing is taking a Helicopter over Niagara Falls

The ride itself is so short, maybe 7 minutes? but the views from the top are simply spectacular, especially with the weather we had that day.

Santiago’s Comment: 

It was my first time in a helicopter, and it was a great first time. The helicopter was noticeably new and the audio guide told us some cool info about all the places we were flying over. The day we did it couldn´t have been better, a completely blue sky and warm weather. I loved the experience, the views from up there were stunning, it gives you a great perspective of the whole area which has way more than the falls, with all the rivers, rapids and powers plants around there. Yeah, the ride was really short but we enjoyed every minute of it.

Santiago’s Outlook on Niagara Falls: 

Niagara Falls was a beautiful tourist town. We´ve only been there for a day but i feel that time was enough to know the main areas. It might feel a little too touristy at first but once you get used to it you can enjoy all the town has to offer, all the restuarants, amazing candy shops and of course a great view of the Niagara Falls. It´s a really complete town that let´s you do whatever you feel to do. I wouldn´t mind coming back.


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