Toronto, Canada

I’m Canadian and am damn proud of it too, so why not write about Canada? I’ve gained a lot of international friends so why not share an important piece of my home. Yes, i am totally gonna be bias and tell you it’s the most amazing place on Earth; that’s why I’ve asked my boyfriend, Santiago, an Argentinian visiting Canada for the first time to help me out.

We have a long weekend the first week in September called Labour Day which falls on the Monday, also a very popular time to travel since all the kids and college students go back to school after this holiday, it basically marks the last weekend of Summer. We also usually use this weekend to travel down to Toronto and the Niagara area.

There was some last minute planning so our time in Toronto felt short. We didn’t get into Toronto til about 1/1:30 in the afternoon. We went directly to Toronto Island to take advantage of the warm, beautiful sunny day.


View from Toronto Center Island

You need to take a ferry from Toronto to Toronto Island and luckily for us, we didn’t have to wait too long in line buying the tickets nor waiting for the ferry. And from Toronto Center Island, you have a spectacular view of the Toronto skyline.

I had never been to the Toronto Island before and was kinds surprised by what laid there. On the opposite side of the island (facing away from the city) they had a sandy beach and within the island, they had some amusement park rides (mainly for small children) but the whole place was green and full with flowers too. A really pretty area.

Santiago’s Comment:

Toronto island seemed as a great different option for having some green in the midle of such a big city. It’s amazing how with only 5 min in a ferry you can change from being in the middle of the buildings to a huge park full of flowers and big open areas. Loved the time there, people seems so relaxed there, having a nice picnic outdoor time and enjoying the green with family and friends.

The line to do for the ferry seemed long but once we did it it went so fast and we had to wait only 10 minutes.

By the way, the view of Toronto city from the Centre Island is stunning and the perfect place for a nice picture. 

By the time we were done with the Island it was time to meet up with my family for dinner. So we walked to Eaton Centre, visited it briefly and met the Fam.

There was a ton more stuff I wanted to do here, but we were limited with time. I wanted to go to a Jays Game (they were away however), wanted to see the new Toronto sign they had up near City Hall and a bunch of other stuff i’m sure my friends living there would recommend. Also never got to show him the night life. I’ve been here many times before visiting friends and family and always have a great time.

Santiago’s Outlook on Toronto:

We had a nice sneak peak of Toronto, seems as an amazing city. I wish we had way more time there. Toronto is a huge cosmopolitan city and it seems as a city full of life and possibility, we definitely need to go back there to know it better.


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