Lagos, Portugal

The whole reason why I wanted to come to Portugal was for Lagos, and it did not disappoint. The only thing that was disappointing was the weather. I was in Lagos for two and a half days and it poured rain for a day and a half. We actually had a rain warning for the area which made it nearly impossible to do anything on those days.

There are so many activities to be done in Lagos and the general area of the Algarve. You can kayak to the caves, you can boat to the caves, you can take a boat party, you can go snorkeling etc and etc. There’s enough here to keep you busy.

I however, was here in October, shoulder season but actually felt like off season. Beaches were quiet, and like i said, the weather was non-cooperative, meaning things like kayaking were only open for certain days. So what I ended up doing was walking to all of the beaches.

Ponta da Piedade

I walked to the furthest point first, afraid that if it did start to rain, my distance would be shorter the longer I was out. So the first and furthest point from Lagos was the Ponta da Piedade or known as the lighthouse. The walk to get here is about 30 minutes and it’s just along the road to get here. Pretty easy.


Please, please, PLEASE take note of the sky and how rare this was that I actually had a sunny day during a rain warning. I woke up early that day, hoping, wishing, that I’d have decent weather just so that I could view this wonderful place. And when i stepped out of the hostel it was blue skies all around. I walked so quickly here hoping that the blue sky would stay. Thankfully it did.

The views, as you can see, are spectacular. This is also where all the boats and kayaks come out and explore the caves, which i guess you can’t see from this angle. At this point you can also walk down to the water and view the waves coming along and crashing into the stacks and faces. There is no beach here however but there are a lot of walking trails on top and I know this is a popular spot for sunset hikes.

When i was here, I saw some people burnt to a crisp. I did not bring sunscreen, seeing, as you know, it’s October! Late October for that matter. But as soon as I saw the sun burnt skin, I quickly put on my rain coat, the only thing that could cover my arms and wore it all day. Even though it was hella hot out.

Praia do Camilo

The next beach i went to, yes an actual beach, was my favourite spot here. It was small, not busy and had the best views of the stacks and arches.


This was the first beach I was able to go to and easily my favourite. The sand was also amazing, very soft and very fine. They’ve actually created a hole in the rock towards the left and you were able to access another beach. I went here as it was more quiet and actually in the shade. I loved this beach so much I wish I had actually brought swim wear cause as you can see, people were swimming!

Praia Dona Ana


A much bigger beach and cause of that it seemed like there were less people. Still had amazing vistas and a nice sandy beach. I didn’t stay too long here at this one seeing as my stomach was growling at my for food and along these beaches, there aren’t too many options for food. This beach however, was at the end of what looked like many resorts/hotels. So i could see this beach being busy in high season.

Lagos, the town itself, is a resort town. All the people you will see here are tourists, and drunk travelers. The little town itself is covered in restaurants, bars, clubs and souvenir shops. It’s a really cute town and kinda reminded my of being somewhere in the Greek Isle since all the buildings were a plaster white and the little cobble streets heading in chaotic directions.

I really, really enjoyed Lagos and would love to come back and par take in some activities. There’s also some towns around the area that have even more impressive beaches and features.






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