Christmas Market, Stuttgart


Ah yes, the season is upon us and what a great way to get into the holiday spirit than to visit a Christmas Market. Here in Germany i’m not exposed to the TV playing Christmas ads nor am i exposed to the car radio of too early Christmas song playing. So it didn’t really feel like Christmas was only 2 weeks away, until I stepped into the Christmas market.

Last year I was a little Christmas market crazy, but for this year, the vibe has toned down and I only went to Stuttgart. But in my defence, it was my favourite Christmas market that I saw last year.


It was a Saturday and I had completely forgotten how crazy it can get. Constantly shoulder to shoulder and people bumping into you all the time. But that a side, it was exactly the same as it had been the previous year, except this year, I was able to get some Gluhwein.



Stuttgart in my opinion has the prettiest and most elaborate stalls. With moving parts and music to go along with it, It was definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas.



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