Bruges, Belgium

Took a little day trip, more like a few hours, to the little town of Bruges. Which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Bruges definitely had more charm than Brussels with it’s cobbled streets and medieval buildings. It took us no time at all to walk around and through the small town. The main square was just the cutest with the bell tower in one corner and these brightly coloured houses lining the perimeter. We also found the best beer shops here since the ones in brussels seemed too touristy and small.

For Lunch we stumbled upon this cute little restaurant off the beaten path; Blackbird

My boyfriend and I had amazing tea and coffee before our open sandwiches arrived. They defiantly tasted like a good old home cooked meal, which we were in a desperate need of. The little restaurant was also beautifully decorated, they had a bunch of bird cages hanging from the ceiling along with chandeliers and little twinkle lights. We talked about this restaurant for days to come.



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