Brussels, Belgium

Brussels and Belgium at that, really surprised us. I’m pretty sure the only reason why we went was because we were in Amsterdam, which is close to Brussels, so why not?


Our course the first thing on our list was waffles. Waffles are not meant for a sit down dish, they’re more street food and not meant to be a meal, just more or so like a snack. The first ones we did try however we did sit down at Maison Dandoy, which were one of the first places to start making waffles and I have to say, they were the freshest ones we did taste. Whenever we were in the street, the waffles they sold you were pre made and the heated up for you, which i didn’t really like. Maison Dandoy had their own little shop where they made them fresh, but of course, at a price. 


Brussels is a very small city and everything so easily walkable. Within our free walking tour, we were able to see everything we wanted to see on that tour plus a little extra we didn’t know about.

The main city square is breath taking, it’s small too but the attention to detail on the buildings with the gold accents defiantly made us feel like we were in Europe. While we were in Dublin and London, it really didn’t feel like Europe at all, more like North America. So being here in Brussels with the beautiful architecture really lifted our spirits.

One thing you may or may not notice, is that the main city hall building in the square, is the least symmetrical building you might ever see. One side of the building is long than the other, and on the main tower itself, the door on the bottom isn’t even centred! It’s one of those things that you cannot unsee.

Of course being here in Belgium I have to talk about the beer and chocolate!


Being here for only 2 days, we didn’t get to try every beer they offered and i’m guessing to do that would take almost a year. But walking in their beer shops was an experience on its own. The different breweries with their creative and curious labels, and each brewery also made a special glass to go with their beer. It was magical.

We actually didn’t try the chocolate until we were back home here in Stuttgart. And maybe that’s for the best, because, OH. MY. GOD. WOW. Now this is chocolate! We were told by our tour guide that Mary’s makes the best chocolate, I mean the make them for the royal family, but then that means they also come with a royal price tag. Corne, however, have amazing quality and with a more reasonable price tag. We just bought a box that was previously made with white chocolate, dark and milk. They came with a little guide too thankfully, but honestly you didn’t need it because every single chocolate was to die for. Looking online, their online store is only open to Europe. Needless to say but i’ll be bringing some back to Canada… I mean no I won’t, stay out of my luggage because reasons!




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