Burano, Italy

Venice is just one of the Islands off the coats of Italy, there’s actually quite a few more, but one that stuck out was Burano


Burano is such a small island that is probably takes all of 10 minutes to walk around it. And the best part is that every single house on Burano is brightly coloured. Being in the dead of winter, the warm, brightly coloured houses pulled us out of winter just for a brief moment.



It was the funniest thing meeting this black cat. At first when we saw it, there were 3 tourists surrounding the cat trying to pet it and I guess after a while, like all cats, the cat was playful and started clawing at them, playfully of course. But from the looks of it, one tourists got a good scratch. We walked by this area quite often as it was the main street in Burano. One time we passed him again and desperately wanted to bring him with us. This is the conversation that happened within us

BF: I really wanna bring that cat home, think he can fit in our luggage?

Me: Of course

BF: *mimicking security at airport* ‘Sir, what do you have in the bag?’

*back in normal voice* ‘Nothing’


Then the cat, who was cleaning its paw. Stops. Looks at BF and meows twice. I kid you not. My BF is a cat whisperer

And if you thought Venice was a tourist trap, this one was the biggest of all. We found maybe 5 resturants open, many were closed because it was off season. And i swear frozen pizza was better than the pizza I had. These people were not Italian. The food was just a disgrace.

Other than that, Burano was such a cute little city to walk through and so picturesque


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