Bologna, Italy

Ugh. Bologna. Underwhelming bologna. I don’t even feel to write about it so we’ll make it short and… bitter.


Main Square… weird chruch

We did a day trip from Florence and thought that bologna would keep us busy for the day seeing as it another bigger city in Italy. We were very surprised when we got here. It took a while to walk into the main square and when we did it was like… oh, this is it? It was hardly anything to acknowledge. But we walked around hoping that something else was pleasing to the eye or even just pretty.


With the underwhelming main square, we however managed to find the first university of bologna and visited its rooms which were now museums. The architecture was quite pretty and it was free to enter.

But after that there wasn’t much to do. We thought maybe heading to the ‘newer’ university that maybe it would be just as pretty. But it was weird. It wasn’t a campus at all. Just a building with no public access. We were once again quite disappointed.


On our way to the train station we stopped by a popular panini place and actually had a great lunch.

We got out of there quickly and spent the rest of the time exploring more of Florence.


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