Florence, Italy

After being through a large chunk of Italy, I’d have to say that Florence is probably my favourite. To read more about the city, go see my pervious post about Florence: Florence, Italy



The Duomo is just stunning and the area that surrounds the city is all easily walkable and equally as interested. But my most favourite part of Florence: the food.

Obicà Mozzarella Bar

Hands down one of our most best meals while in Italy. The restaurant makes all types of mozzarella di Bufala. When going to Italy you have to try the mozzarella di Bufala, it’s such an amazing cheese. And here, it was just perfect.


We also had the freshest pasta being here and a pizza which had mozzarella di Bufala on it as well. It taste amazing on pizza too. And here the tomato sauce was incredible, and the crust just perfect. Yes it is a big pizza, meant for one, but i couldn’t even finish half of it.

Street food is another must in Italy and that includes the pizza and panini. My favourite panini shop of all time was unfortunately closed while we were here. It’s family owned and i guess now is their vacation time. But we were still able to find more amazing panini shops. Just check TripAdvisor and you won’t be sorry.


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