Pisa, Italy

We both knew the only thing to see in Pisa was the leaning tower of Pisa and knew it would be a tourist trap which is why we spent a little over 2 hours there and that was enough.

That night I had taken an allergy pill, making me extremely drowsy so i felt like i had slept walked through all of Pisa.


you forget that the tower of pisa is part of the typical duomo trinity with the baptistry, cathedral and then tower. So not only was the leaning tower something to marvel out but so were the other aspect of the buildings.


The funniest and maybe best part of it all is all the tourists. Every single tourist here wants to do that typical photo where they are holding the tower up. It’s so funny seeing a sea of people standing there, it really reminds me of thriller – Michael Jacksons music video. We laughed quite a bit at the whole situation.


at some angels it really doesn’t look like it’s leaning too much. But as soon as you look at the foundation and that door, it looks really tilted.

and as you can see from the difference in the foundation around the tower, it’s amazing how much it has sunk. Also, you can climb the tower if you wish. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe, they’ve actually engineered it now so that it’s fully function at the angle that it’s leaning. Anything for the tourists eh

Annnnd that’s it. Pisa has the leaning tower of Pisa and that’s all there is to say about that.


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