Blagaj, Bosnia

On our way to Dubrovnik, we stopped on the cliff side of Blagaj, Bosnia. I have no idea if this place holds an historic significance or if it’s just a photo op. Either way the place was gorgeous and I loved the water coming out of the cliff side and the way the restaurants show cased it.


These photos are really the only things to see/experience. There’s no reason to stay the night (could you even stay the night?) but they do have restaurants. It took us all of 30 minutes to see/explore this place and that was plenty. It was a really nice stop long the way.


One thought on “Blagaj, Bosnia

  1. The location and the outside of the building are astonishing, yet I didn’t find it very interesting inside. Yet, I strongly recommend this destination to every single person out there. It’s magical, the water is clean enough to drink and it is close to some of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most awesome places: Mostar, Kravice Waterfalls and Pocitelj 🙂


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