Dubrovnik, Croatia

Ah yes, Dubrovnik. As i’m sure, everyone has heard about this place because it is synonymous with Game of Thrones. Now, I haven’t seen an episode of GoT in about 4 years and I never really got into the show, so no, I didn’t recognize any of the places from the show, and no, I did not take a tour of GoT. But I did talk to some people who were fans and who did take the tour. For me, you would think being a huge fan and walking around, you would recognize the places where they filmed, so couldn’t you just do your own self guided tour? Well, no. Since they use a lot of CGI, some of the places you may not recognize. So, the tour guides also brought along photos of the scenes to help better with the places you visited. So now that I got that out of the way, let’s talk about the town.


The town itself is smaller than I imagined and kept in a pristine condition, everything was so clean and the roads well kept after. Completely packed with tourists, it was easy to wonder around and marvel at the beauty that is Dubrovnik. Rather that be from main squares to hidden little alley ways.


You know it’s hot when even the cats are looking for shade. There were so many cats wondering around and of course sleeping, which added charm to the city. The town was hot, but in the shade it was tolerable and we got a nice gust of wind every now and then.


It wasn’t until I got home that I started to google Dubrovnik and GoT and came across this famous scene of Cersei’s Walk of Shame as seen above in the photos. I just thought it was a pretty stair case and never occurred to me to mimic her position at the top of the stairs (except fully clothed and back to the camera).

Ancient City Walls

Trying to visit the city walls as late in the day as possible to avoid the heat. We read that it took on average 2 hours to walk the wall and we thought that was a little too long, however, we actually almost took that long, with all the stairs and stopping to take photos it was actually a longer journey than I imagined.



The views from the top were of course spectacular and weren’t as deadly hot as I expected. However it wasn’t cheap to walk the walls. Nothing in Croatia was cheap and with Dubrovnik being a huge destination, they didn’t hold back. Looking at the ticket, I think you got multi entry into some places but because we were here on a Sunday, that meant that a lot of them closed early. Something I wasn’t too aware of.


Near the end of the day, we ventured on over to the only beach in the area, which was quite small, but very clean. But it was the classic pebble beach which meant it hurt your feet walking into the water. I didn’t swim in it, but those who did found the water to be a refreshing cold temperature to fight off the heat.


After spending about 40 minutes at the beach, that was all the time we had. We were able to just squeeze in about everything we wanted to see with not too much wiggle room left. We were able to catch the sunset over the water just before hoping back on the bus.


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