Mostar, Bosnia

I think it’s safe to say that Mostar was my favourite place out of my whole trip. I only had a morning here to explore, but that’s all I needed to fall in love. And i think a big part of that had to do with the food.



View from the bridge

Of course the big attraction here is the Old Bridge (Stari Most) which was completely ruined in the war in 1993 but was finally rebuilt in 2004 and I have to say i’m glad they reconstructed it because I was a little skeptical of an old bridge and of all the heavy traffic it gets everyday. Also in late June I believe, the hold diving competitions off the bridge.


This was probably one of the biggest touristic towns we visited but the thing was, it seems that the locals loved the tourists. Everywhere I go it seems like the locals hate having to deal with the tourists, but here, in Bosnia, they were so incredibly friendly and so happy that you were visiting their country. All the main streets were small and narrow but covered in souvenir shops and the odd restaurant. For me, it seemed that the souvenirs were personal to their country and area (heavy turkish influences) and so seeing all the pretty light fixtures and decorative tea and coffee sets were fun to browse.




Tima-Irma or IrmaTima was the best restaurant on the whole trip. Hands down, no competition. I found it on TripAdvisor and google maps and was a little skeptical because it was so close to the bridge and when we got there, there were only 2 other tables and they had photos of their food which is usually a big no-no for me when finding a restaurant. But now i’m guessing everywhere shows photos of their food because their food is that unique to the area.

Pictured above is Cevapi; a typical Bosnian dish of beef and veal sausages in somun or lepinja (type of homemade bread) and served with onions and Ajvar (the red sauce, which provided a bit a spice but not too overpowering). I also had this dish in Sarajevo, Bosnia and they did not serve it with Ajvar and it was nearly not as good as it was at this restaurant. Needless to say I will be having dreams about the Cevapi here.


I absolutely loved Mostar and all the culture they showcased, they were the friendliest people we met on the whole trip.



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