Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia; First stop on the trip of my Big Balkan road trip!

After a long and exhausting over night bus to Split, we arrived in the dead heat of the day around 1pm and had until almost midnight to explore the small town.


Split is located right on the sea and it was so nice to finally see a body of water. We also got a nice breeze off the shore which helped with the hot humid heat. I put a bit of mascara on to make it look like i wasn’t totally dead and within a few hours it was melting off my face. There was a mixture of mascara, sweat and sunscreen getting into my eyes and it stung. Thankfully they had a Douglas (European Sephora) that I went into and properly took it all off. I never touched make-up again on the whole trip and just rocked dark sunglasses.


On the water front they have a beautiful walk way lined with restaurants and bars where many people were people watching, and then closer to the water, they had a nice walking path dotted with palm trees, bright pink flowers and white benches.

Going in towards the town, the vibe of the town shifted. Out on the water front you got a beach town vibe with people sipping cocktails and lounging around. While passing into the town, you were transported back in time to rustic old town walls.


I was so surprised about how everything was so well kept. The streets were so smooth and clean. I’m use to broken up cobble stone where you trip with the sturdiest of shoes. But here in Croatia everything was so well preserved. The only down side was that everywhere you went, all you saw were tourists. I expected that in Dubrovnik, but not here in Split, but i guess with being on the water and the resort vibe was very evident.

Diocletian’s Palace


One of the big attractions is Diocletian’s Palace which is an ancient palace built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian during the fourth century AD. Today it forms about half the old town of Split. A fun fact for all your game of thrones fans out there, the basement here which is now lined with souvenir shops is where Daenerys Targaryen keeps here dragons in the show and is made very evident by the stairs leading down into it. Sorry, no photo of that, I was more annoyed with the souvenir shops to actually take a photo.



Near the end of the day, I decided to climb the hill not too far from town as it was cooling off. It actually never did cool off, it was still really hot in the evening but it was better than midday. I didn’t go all the way to the top, but stopped at the midway point where there’s a restaurant and little terrance. And talking to other people, this had a better view than the very top.

Riva Harbor

As the sun was starting to set, we made our way over to Bacvice Beach, which actually had sand instead of pebbles for a beach, but the beach and sand itself was very dirty. However along the way, walking along the harbour, we got to see the sun set behind Split.



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