Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia and the last leg of the Big Balkan Road Trip. Before I get into the city, I would first like the share an interesting, different museum I visited.

Museum of Broken Relationships


It all started here in Zagreb. Zagreb is the first place to open the museum and has a permeant installation. The name of the museum might ring as bell as it has been featured around the globe in pop-up exhibits. It has also been featured on the show “The Bachelor” where the bachelor Nick Viall donated the engagement ring he was going to propose to Kaitlyn with. So that’s where I first heard about the museum and one of the girls on our trip mentioned she has been to it before and really enjoyed it.

So what is the Museum of Broken Relationships? Well, people from all over the world send in an item, weather it’s a wedding dress to a garden gnome that had once meant something in their now broken relationship. They also send in a little story about the relationship and the meaning behind their item. Some of the stories were long, some were short, many were sad and some were funny.

When another girl on my bus asked me what I did in Zagreb, I mentioned the museum and asked if she had been. She replied with, “No, I have too many memories of my own broken relationships”. Touche.



Main Restaurant and Bar Area


I didn’t know really what to expect with Zagreb, but the city was not like the rest of Croatia that I had been to. It seemed a lot more modern with a main shopping street and trams/trains following the main roads.


Nikola Tesla Mural

Luckily enough we had a free walking tour with out hostel. The guide took us around the city within 2 hours and showed us all the major spots to explore and sightsee. I was surprised with the amount of street art Zagreb had as well. They even had a Nikola Tesla mural dedicated to him because he was born in Croatia, however raised in Serbia.

As for the main church in Zagreb, it has been undergoing construction for the past few years. The stone that they used (and apparently only this stone does this) has degraded so much after the industrial revolution that they have been repairing it since. As seen above in the right photo, the old spires then and now.

Zagreb was a pretty little city and even thought we only had half a day here, it was just enough to squeeze everything in.






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